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Pink Lemonade
10 October
My name is Linda and I'm 17 years old and i'm a senior at Golden West High School. This is me:

I can't wait for this year to be over because i'm ready to graduate! I'm not sure what i'm going to do yet next year, i'm either gonna move back to atascadero and go to cuesta (then transfer to poly) or i'm going to stay here a year and go to COS and then transfer to cuesta then transfer to poly. Or move to arizona *rolls eyes, kidding* hehe.

I ♥ my boyfriend, brandon. Look at him:

(he's the one with his leg up being all gayish, the hott one...no he's not bi *glares at jill, hehe*)

Yeah, i ♥ to have fun, to take pictures, to drive, to shop, to write to talk and lotsa other things <3 <3 <3

My life is kinda psychotic sometimes, but i really love life a lot. My life is very kicked back, and i live life one day at a time. I have very strong self-esteem, and i'm usually very outgoing, unless i'm not in the mood to be, or i'm around someone i like a lot, or i am completely lost. I love to shop, and i have a problem with spending too much money *blush* and i love to write more than anything, so that's why a journal is a great thing for me! I consider myself to be pretty smart and i don't feel like i'm aiming to acheive as high as i could in life, but i think it's a lot more fun this way. I think a lot about so many different things, thinking is one of my other favorite things to do.

Terror Alert Level

My average days consist of school (i only have 4 classes), work (i work at Mcdonalds), shopping (me and my mom love to shop!), and other errands and activities, and spending lotsa time w/ my boyfriend brandon <3 I'm very spontaneous but i also always live in a very routine way.

If i told you i was still in love with you, it was just the tequila talkin'

The WeatherPixie

What about now, how about tonite, baby for once let's don't think twice!
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